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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oil And Gas Is No Longer The Best industry

Kuala Lumpur, 30 November 2015 - The oil and gas sector in Malaysia are no longer the favourite company for among the industry as the oil price has dropped and reach the lower level in the global market.

As one of Oil and Gas employee, I have been informed that a lot company have doing the retrenchment and worst of it. Some of them even getting fired without notice. This was unacceptable for the employee as the being treat like they have nothing to contribute to the company

To those who feel like joining, the best company is the supplier to Oil and Gas company as they actually survive but effected from the drop of oil price. But in Malaysia, Oil and Gas is a source of economy so it wont stop the exploration of the oil.

I believe right now the best industry are the one who involved in servicing.It is because they have the contract roughly around 7 to 10 years of services. So they will sustain until the end of situation and the global market inflation.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Healthy Life Style - BARRAGAZZ

Today i just want to share to all reader about healthy lifestyle, to many people that always trying hard in make money for their living, but the question is?


I'm not sure if you ever heard a streetworkout team called BARRAGAZZ, they are no. 1 bar team in Malaysia. If you want to save your money instead spending it to the gym, then you can join the streetworkout team. They usually do exercises in the park. Save money,flexible time and gain a great body cutting!

Here are the video of the captain of barragazz in action?

Follow them on:


As a members of barragazz, usually they will focus more on trick then routines. But today, i will show you the full abs routine that can help you to build a six pack in a month. By doing this you can gain your six pack but you need to control your diet.

These are my dietary:

Light breakfast
Heavy lunch (rice) 1/5 potion
Eat 4 hour before sleep, do not eat anything heavy.

You only allow to eat rice once in a day but in small potion.
Once cheating day in a week.

Here is my routine video

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Friday, September 5, 2014


Designer usually have a lack of idea problem, this is because to design an artworks are not easy as people thinks. An artworks that need to be design are usually need a lot of creativity of mind and need a really strong imagination, if the designer don't get enough of sleep or tired, usually they will come out with crappy design.

While i was scroll down for looking an interesting news,I was attract to this article post by Akhi Joe in the facebook page. This guy share about, why the designer need to rest and not to stare the monitor more then 3 hours straight! 

Creative Pause

"Creative Pause"? Apa tu?
Apa itu 'Creative Pause'?
Basically, nak faham dari namanya itu pun dah boleh. Kita 'pause' seketika kreativiti kita. Itu sahaja.
Jadi kalau anda sudah lama mengadap PC buat kerja design, hentikan seketika. Buatlah sesuatu yang lain. Dan kembali melakukan apa yang kita tangguhkan sebentar tadi; design.
Ia membantu dalam kerja mereka grafik. Tak percaya?
Jangan hadap PC lebih dari 3 jam. Some says every 2 hours. Kena buat apa? Buat aktiviti selain dari tgk PC.
Pernah tak jadi, korang tengah design and suddenly kusut! Tak boleh keluar idea dah. Letih semacam je. Geram ada, marah pun ada. Keje dah nak due tapi idea xdtg2.
Dan pernah tak tengah2 mandi, tiba2 idea mencurah2 macam air shower? Tapi keluar dari shower je semua hilang?? Wadde..
'Shower' mungkin perkara paling ideal utk 'Creative Pause'
Huhu. Cameron Moll siap ada buku & pen tulis diver lagi. Kalis air. So, each time idea dtg, xtunggu keluar shower, tulis terus.
Ini lah Creative Pause.
Bila kita rehat ni lah, otak akan mula jd segar & berjaga2 waktu ni ya. Kadang2 idea paling simple, paling gila akan keluar.  SO APA NAK BUAT?? Tangkap cecepat lah..
1. Sentiasa ada buku nota & pen dlm kocek!
2. Ada HP, setkan NOTE di muka depan utk mudah dicapai.
3. Kalau tgh borak dgn kawan/wife, idea dtg"Cop3! Kejap! Nak tulis kejap!"

Jadi, biasakan untuk pause seketika setiap 2 atau 3 jam design.

'Creative Pause' mampu mencantikkan design yang tak cantik
Ini juga berkaitan dengan PRODUKTIVITI. Kalau korang melayan satu design sahaja >> 3 4 kali dah padam buat balik >> sampai 7 jam depan PC, ini bermakna korang tidak produktif. Tak ada progres. Selalu patah balik ke titik mula sahaja.
1. Kenapa ini berlaku? Sebab bila terlalu lama buat kerja, otak akan mula letih. Ia akan membuatkan anda rasa design yang dah dibuat 2 jam tu jadi kurang bermaya, tak cantik, takde WOW factor. Padahal member sebelah kata oke je.
2. Berehat sebentar. Anda boleh keluar makan di tepi tasik, berbual/berjenaka dengan rakan, solat, buang air dll utk alihkan perhatian. 5-10 minit cukup. Dan kembalilah kepada PC anda.
3. Kesannya, insyallah anda akan jadi lebih segar & bila tgk design tadi balik, anda akan jadi lebih positif.
4. Dan dari situ, anda tidak akan memadam semula (mula dari awal semula) tetapi meneruskan (menambah baik) lagi design bahagian lain.
So guys, rehatlah. tenangkan fikiran. Design berterusan selama 5-6 jam tanpa henti tak menjamin hasil yg baik. Bekerjalah secara efisien & produktif. Rehatlah.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


MAZA Communications Sdn Bhd (MAZA), is an organization created to become a main vendor for the corporate organization especially in oil and gas industry.

MAZA provide the great corporate services with the cheapest price then others vendor.

The services that MAZA provide are:

  1. Annual Report
  2. Corporate Printing
  3. T-shirt / Corporate Shirt Printing
  4. Business Card
  5. Corporate Gift
  6. Brochure
  7. Lanyard
  8. Website
  9. Photographer
  10. Videographer
  11. Event Management
Follow their instagram & facebook page to learn more about them.
For any questions just email or call as per detail below:




+6010 403 6099



Almost 9 months i been doing a research in Oil & Gas sectors (Malaysia Market),  finally i got an answers for all the riddles?

Why a lots people invest in oil & gas?
Why a lots people focus in oil & gas?
Why vendor try hard to penetrate oil & gas sectors?

Below are a few of  oil & gas company in Malaysia?


The oil and gas industry offers graduates a high starting salary. From my research the average oil and gas salary are from RM1800 (fresh graduate) to RM80,000 (Project Planning). This is the first rank the most higher salary after tourism. In addition, frequent pay reviews and talent competition in the industry will ensure that you earn a high salary throughout your career in oil and gas.

Oil and gas is a global industry. Working in the industry you will have the opportunity to travel and live abroad throughout the world.

It is common in the oil and gas industry for employees to have flexible working hours. Whilst it depends on your employer you could work half-day Fridays, finish at 16:30, or even have Fridays off. Most people work around 40 hours a week and have the weekends off. Working offshore is different as it involves working usually 12 hour shifts everyday for a period of time (1-6 weeks). This is followed by the same period of time off from work. This means if you are working offshore you will only work half the year.

Working in the industry you will have numerous opportunities to undertake training and receive qualifications. Companies often support their employees to gain professional qualifications in their field of work and sometimes pay for employees to complete MBAs at leading universities around the world.

The industry offers fantastic opportunities to earn promotions and climb the careers ladder. You do not have to worry about there not being enough oil or gas, as the industry in the north sea will last for many more decades.

As well as the benefits mentioned above, many companies offer further incentives to their employees including: a generous pension plan, private health care, dental care and childcare support.

Sources: http://www.theoilgraduate.co.uk/

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recognise Scammed Offer (Easy Online Money Offer)

About Website Scammed

Have you notice, there are a lot of fraud from internet which offer you easy money by clicking its link. This type of fraud usually offer you a lot of money by register in their website. Don't ever fall for that!! They using the high money offer to manipulate you to sign up or buy their product.

Today, i would like to share how to know if the website are true or just a scams.

How To Recognise Scammed

1.   When you find any website that offer you great deal and how you can make a lot of money. You need to survey about their company background. If a website are legit they should have full company biodata.

2.  After you read all about the company detail, try find a website official email and send them an email. Sometimes your email will be reject by scammer server.This will show you that actually their email are problem and definitely suspicious. 

3. Normally before you thinking of join the scammer website offer, there will be many people who already been scam. What you need to do, google the website name and type the review behind the company name. Example: cash4visits review

Scammer Detected
This are a few website that i found who definitely a scam based on comment by people who already have been scam by them.

One of the website above try to scam new prospects by giving a special offer

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Most Easy Way To Involve In Investment

Plus 500
Have you ever heard about the website called Plus500?
This website give a way to involve in investment. 
They have their own platform which you can monitor by using Smartphone or Laptop
You can choose which market that you would like to invest.

Actually what i'm impress with Plus500, they make all treader much easier.
Normally treader only can view where the current market at using the smartphone, but using Plus500.
They also allow you to treading by using an Iphone.

This make everythings much easier for treader, so people don't have to worry where to go even their have position in the market.

Plus500 - Video Demonstrasi

I'm not gonna write more, i just shared this because i think this type of investment also good,
but the investment also risk. I suggest if you wanna try to invest. 
Do some research and read the contents in the Plus500 website.