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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Millionaire or Risk Taker In Investment (Malaysia)

Here are another topic how to growth your money or be rich?

Not many people know what is investment? what the beneficial in its?
Well, investment is one of alternative to growth your money, but it is depends where the place you invest your money.

They are many type of investment for example Amanah Saham Berhad(ASB), KL index, Mutual Trust and etc.

This how investment works
From what i know about investment this are how investment works?
(If i'm wrong, correct me)

1. Amanah Saham Berhad (ASB)

  • Whoever invest in ASB they will merge all the equity(money) and invest in all sectors.
  • They don't analyzes the performance of each markets, they just invest and in the end they will get profit and loses.
  • Every local bank have their own yearly targets, if the money their invest achieve their target so the other balances are divided to give an account holders, and that is how your get yearly dividend. 
2. KL index
  • This type of investments are only can be trade in BURSA Malaysia.
  • This investment are base on price of the markets and depend how the economics growth.
  • Normally the investors use a broker to help the investor to buy/sales price markets
3. Mutual Trust
  • Like ASB, mutual trust also merged all the equity and invest at the most performance company that are listed in BURSA Malaysia.
  • If the investors find a good broker as a middleman for him, he can get 1000MYR(clean) a day. but it is depend which company that they invest and how the company performance.
  • This type of investment got a risk, if the broker are not really good in analyzed, it will probably burn all the investor money.
4. Spot Gold,Forex and etc
  • This type of investment can be done by amateur or professional.
  • The investor use platform call MT4 to tread in the current markets of currency,oils,gold and others.
  • This market are a bit dangerous but if the treader are good, he can probably get 100-1000USD depend how the markets goes.
  • This type investment also have a risk management and treader can do a transaction anywhere by using laptops and internets.

If anyone who are interested in Spot Gold investment.
Call this number 010-4036099 (azam)

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