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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Business Planning

Do you know? every people have a right to choose their path.
How they want to live for the next 10 years?
Does they want to be rich or stay maintain to become poor.

Here are a few tips the ways to successful in business:

1. Determine your goals (write it down so you can see it)

  • Example: I want to become a successful businessman

2. Set a goal what you wanna achieve and make it specific.Put date when you wanna achieve it.

  • Example: On 25 November 2013 - Register at SSM (open own company), 26 November 2013 - set up my business that located at Mont Kiara
3. Dont dreaming, start a first step
  • After you have know what your want, start taking a first step by doing want you plan. Do whatever you can to achieve your first plan.
4. Knowing what your weakness and what your strength.
  • When you already take the first step, im pretty sure you already know what your weakness and strength. Try to find a ways to fix your weakness and start to use your strength as advantage to achieve your goals.
5. Marketing
  • Choose a variation in your marketing. Try to make a different then others. 
  • Examples: If you business operate 10am -6pm, try to make a different by open it 7am-6pm and whoever come 7am-9pm will get 70% less.
So this are a few tips that i can share for you to start over in business. Hope it will help you.
Share it for the benefits..

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