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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recognise Scammed Offer (Easy Online Money Offer)

About Website Scammed

Have you notice, there are a lot of fraud from internet which offer you easy money by clicking its link. This type of fraud usually offer you a lot of money by register in their website. Don't ever fall for that!! They using the high money offer to manipulate you to sign up or buy their product.

Today, i would like to share how to know if the website are true or just a scams.

How To Recognise Scammed

1.   When you find any website that offer you great deal and how you can make a lot of money. You need to survey about their company background. If a website are legit they should have full company biodata.

2.  After you read all about the company detail, try find a website official email and send them an email. Sometimes your email will be reject by scammer server.This will show you that actually their email are problem and definitely suspicious. 

3. Normally before you thinking of join the scammer website offer, there will be many people who already been scam. What you need to do, google the website name and type the review behind the company name. Example: cash4visits review

Scammer Detected
This are a few website that i found who definitely a scam based on comment by people who already have been scam by them.

One of the website above try to scam new prospects by giving a special offer

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