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Mizuhashi Shinichi
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Best Ways Of Marketing and Promoting!!

The Ways Of Marketings/Advertising

The good ways of advertising are by media, television, company name on cloth, video promo and sosial networks. This are a few types of promote that your guys can use to promote your business. Give a professional to do all design and marketing

T- Shirts
Use T-shirt or corporate shirt to promote your business by giving for free or sell it
(People will see if people wear it and probably they will google it)

Brochure or flyers  can be use to give a customers or to put it with an item customer bought for promote.
(Incase if the customer friend want to find it,at least they have flyers to give)

Advertising Video

One of the good advertising is by put a video at social networks to promote an item or company
(Social network is a space that people share something,"The more people share,The more people know")

Above is the example of video promo that i edit as video advertising.
I also can help you to create design of brochure,business card and also T-shirt.
We give special price :)

Call me at  010 403 6099 (Azam)
or by email azamodyssey@gmail.com

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